2010 Halloween Pirate Haunt

This Halloween weekend, the Natasha Anne Gaziano Foundation partnered with the Brown family of Fort White, Florida to stage a haunted forest on the Browns’ five acre property in rural North Florida. Families came from hundreds of miles away to walk the “haunted” grounds and explore first-hand the legend of Blackbeard’s hidden treasure. Volunteers from Fort White High School dressed in costume to terrify the visitors as they walked along a trail through the woods of the haunted forest. Volunteers from the Natasha Anne Gaziano Foundation served refreshments and concessions to the guests.

The Brown family has decorated their property for the past few years to conduct the haunted forest attraction. The Browns’ youngest son, David, is fighting cystic fibrosis, and the haunted forest has served as a fundraiser to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in their research for better treatments and, ultimately, a cure. By partnering with the NAGF, this years “Pirate Haunt” was a bigger success than ever. In addition to expanding the size of the haunted path, the sale of drinks, snacks, and souvenirs allowed our joint operation to raise even more. And thanks to the generosity of the Home Depot of Lake City who agreed to match the funds raised dollar-for-dollar, the “Pirate Haunt” raised over $900 each for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Natasha Anne Gaziano Foundation!

Running for Natasha
Natasha and Hillary Maki were good friends during their middle school and high school years in Orlando, Florida. They maintained their friendship through college and beyond, despite long distances, often getting together to celebrate holidays at home.
Inspired by Natasha’s life and ambition, Hillary is an active and instrumental supporter of the Foundation. This fall, Hillary honored Natasha’s memory by raising pledges to benefit the Foundation in support of her completing the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, on October 25, 2009. Even with an injured ankle, Hillary completed the full 26.2 mile marathon course in just over four and a half hours!
Hillary’s initial fundraising goal was to raise $500 of pledges for the Foundation. Thanks to your generosity and Hillary’s determination, that goal was significantly surpassed! Running for Natasha successfully raised over $1,000 in paid pledges!!! Congratulations to Hillary for completing the marathon and working hard to fundraise for the Foundation!

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